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Our equipment is state-of-the-art, genuine and regularly updated to ensure all work is carried out as effectively as possible.

Economy remap

When you opt for an eco map you can expect to see a 5%-20% saving on fuel. This is achieved by adapting & raising the engines low end torque production. In essence the increased torque production encourages you or the auto gearbox upshift earlier. As a higher gear is selected revs decrease. The more time spent in a higher gear, the less engine revolutions are required, thus a saving in fuel. This is rather dependent on driving style, but can give you greater fuel economy if driven intelligently. (only available on diesel vehicles)

Tcu tune

The TCU tune is an awesome addition to a power map (if available for your vehicle). Shift points are reprogrammed to best match the newly found power & performance of your power map. Not only that torque limiters within the gearbox are raised so more of the Newley increased power finds its way to the tarmac & doesn’t get diluted through the drive train.

Ecu solutions

There are various options for solutions/deletes. EGR, DPF, Adblue. These systems can me programmed out of the software, but will only be carried out upon a customers specific request.

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Power remap

Our power maps are written specifically for your vehicle, Increasing both power & torque. These tweeks to your vehicles engine management will provide the driver with faster acceleration, sharper throttle response & an all round smoother more enjoyable driving experience.

50/50 remap

This option gives the best characteristics of both options above, the aim of the map is to achieve a fair compromise of both power & eco maps. Again, diesel only.


The first part of any process we carry out will involve a full vehicle diagnostics check.
Most importantly we are checking that there a no hidden faults that would deem the vehicle unsuitable for a remap. As a free extra we will scan all vehicle systems to see if there are any issues worth highlighting to the owner.

Various other

There are many other options available at the request of the driver.
Lambda deletes, pops & bangs, speed limiter removal to name a few.
All services are carried out exclusively at the owners request.



Maximise your vehicles performance

Our approach to remapping is no trade secret; we enjoy engaging with our customers so that they understand our techniques and protocols used. We will always respond to customers questions with openness, honesty and integrity.

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